The US mapped with only the acres of trees & forests

The United States mapped by the beautiful natural patterns of over 1000 million acres of trees & forests!
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Map created with open-source QGIS (, using data from Hansen et al. 2013
and 90m digital elevation data from the CGIAR-CSI SRTM 90m Database (
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The data in this map comes from a satellite called Landsat, which takes photographs of the earth in red, green and blue wavelengths like our eyes can see, but also a bunch of other wavelengths that are invisible to us (near infra-red, short-wave infra-red, thermal infra-red etc). Essentially, different kinds of vegetation reflect different combinations of all those different types of light, so you can train a computer model to separate the different types of plants automatically!

Olympic National Park and the northern Cascades, Washington state
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Northern Pennsylvania and the Appalachians
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Forests of Northern California and Oregon
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These maps contains a whole lot of data: over 40 gigabytes! Robbibt used R code to download vegetation layers from the amazing Hansen et al. 2013 datasets, used a median filter to remove noise and spatial Landsat artefacts, and overlaid the map with SRTM 90m resolution digital elevation data in the open-source QGIS software to give a better idea of the local topography!

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